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Current Heating Oil Prices

Price per gallon: $ 2.109

Price of oil is Hummelstown Delivery Locations & online
pricing only. Please call the office for automatic delivery
pricing and service contracts.
Welcome to Hummelstown Fuel Oil Service, Inc. We are a family owned business operating for 57-years. We are the only company you need for fuel, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. For reliable automatic delivery of high quality oil, outstanding customer service and top quality repair by our certified technicians, contact us today.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with reliable 24-hour emergency repair service. Focused on our local roots, our commitment is to our customer and we continue to be a proven and reliable organization.

We offer affordable budget plans and pre-pay plans in order to help you save the most money.

Since 1956, we have been serving residential homes in the Hummelstown, Palmyra, Middletown, Elizabethtown, Hershey, and surrounding areas.